Getting feedback on your mixes before mastering

If you’re not happy with your mixes, I’d love to give you some free mixing advice before mastering. The better your mixes sound before mastering, the better I’ll be able to make them sound after mastering.

Free Video Mix Consultation
If you mixed your project yourself, and used Cubase, Logic Pro, Pro Tools, Studio One or Garage Band, you can get a free video mix consultation before mastering. Send us your session files and one of my mix engineers will create a mixing tutorial video to show you what could be improved, and how to do it. The video mix consultation is wildly popular, and is free with any mastering project. Click here for a free video mix consultation before mastering,  and the site will walk you through how to easily export and share your session files with us.

Free Email & Phone Mix Consultation
If you mixed your project using other recording software, or if someone else mixed your project, there’s still an option to do a free mix consultation before mastering. My goal is to help you get the best possible sounding master, and sometimes a little mixing advice before mastering can really make a big difference. The form below will walk you through selecting that option and uploading your files.