Business Coaching with Chris Graham

Do you need help putting what you’ve learned on “The Six Figure Home Studio Podcast” into action?   

Coaching isn't an "advice buffet" like the podcast. It's you and I talking about your own unique struggles, goals & mindsets.

It's like a private version of the podcast. 

Start your coaching application below, and we'll schedule a call to get to know each other. I'd love to hear your story and help you on your journey. 

I wish I would have found Chris Graham years ago! His coaching helped me understand not only how, but why I needed to grow my business. Straight up, he's an inspiring guy!

Kyle Whittaker -

Hip Hop Mixing Engineer

After I hired Chris, I immediately knew I should have done it years earlier. My business has never been healthier and I'm so thankful for his personal coaching.

Kurtis Lamberton-

Lambertones Guitar Pickups

Working with Chris has been one of the best decisions and investments into my business and personal growth I've made in years. His guidance in helping me realize my actual goals and encouraging me to begin a change in mindset, has substantially grown my business in just a few months! Not only can I directly attribute a growth in leads and sales to Chris' advice, but he's also given me fantastic advice about being a family man. Could not recommend him enough to any entrepreneur looking to succeed, learn and grow.

Scott Middleton -

Producer, Mix & Mastering Engineer, Guitarist; Cancer Bats 

I have been running a business on my own for several years now and have struggled with growth, and consistency. Since hiring Chris a few months ago as a business coach, he has helped me focus on things that should be important to improving my business. I've been seeing more consistency in bookings and have started increasing my rates as a result of being busier. I beat my best year ever in September of this year thanks in part to Chris' help.

Jim Stewart 
Producer, Engineer, Mixer

When it comes to business stuff, Chris is the most ninja mother-&#$%@* I've ever met.

Lij Shaw - GRAMMY winner, audio engineer, producer, & podcaster.

Hands down the best mentor and coach anyone could ask for. No one has ever inspired, generated more creativity, or helped me in the ways that Chris has. It's safe to say that his guidance is one of the foundations for my success.

Christian Caicedo 
- EDM Mixing & Mastering Engineer

Working with Chris has been the best investment I've ever made by miles...

Carl Houde -

Podcast Producer & Audio Engineer

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