Here’s some answers to frequently asked questions once mastering has started:

Release Deadlines:
If you have a release date that is less than a week from the when your masters will be finished, email me and we can discuss options for faster delivery. We want to be sure we have time for revisions if needed.

Last Minute Mix Changes:
Whoops! If you need me to stop work mastering your current mix and upload a new one, please let me know ASAP. Once mastering has started, there is a $25 per song fee to re-start mastering any new file.

Radio edits & instrumentals:
If you have alternate versions of a song, once the final mix is mastered and approved, I can master those versions as well. If the mix is very similar to the original, I discount my rate to $25 per alternate mix. Click the “ReMastering” button next to your project in your login for that.