What Is Mastering?

Wondering what is mastering exactly? You’re not alone! Mastering is inherently a mysterious art. It involves the use of highly specialized mastering EQ’s and mastering compressors to ‘glue’ the sound of a recording together and even out the tone and volume of each song. After a record is mixed, mastering is the last step before the music can be released to the public. All professional music is mastered before it’s released. If the music has been mastered well, it will sound much more alive and polished and have more overall volume as well.

The best was to answer the question “What Is Mastering?” is to hear for yourself. If you have a song that’s been mixed and would like me to master a sample of it, all you need to do is create a login and you’ll be able to upload your music to me for a free mastering sample or part of your song.