Mastered Samples For

I mastered two versions of your song. Sample 2 is more compressed and has a more modern feel. I recommend listening in a few different environments because the best way to judge a master is to make sure it sounds great everywhere, not just in the studio. You can listen to your mastered samples in the above player or click here to download high resolution sample WAV files.

Your Samples

If you’re happy with how the masters sound, you can use the button below to purchase and download WAV files of both sample versions without the “” watermark.

Improving Your Mixes

If you’d rather upload a new mix of this song for mastering, all you’d need to do is book a mastering project by making a payment. Every paid mastering project also includes a free mixing consultation so I can help you improve your mixes before mastering. Mixing services and online mixing classes are also available.

I hope you enjoy my work! Thanks, and have a wonderful day!

Chris Graham

Chris Graham