5 ways to get more recording studio clients.

Keeping your studio booked is hard work, but with a few of these clever ideas, it can be a lot easier.

1. “Studio Concerts” on Facebook & Youtube LIVE.
Invite a few potential clients to perform for a small group of people at your studio. Set up mics and live stream video to Facebook Live or make a Youtube video. Every time someone shares the video, it’s free promotion for your studio. Some people have had a lot of success doing this as a regular event.

2. Studio listening parties.
When you finish a project with an artist or band, host a listening party for them and other local musicians and potential clients at your studio. Get some pizza and drinks and celebrate. Let people take turns sitting in the “sweet spot” in front of the monitors as everyone listens to the project for the first time. Think of it as a “Movie Premier” for your recording project. Just about every client that will hire you in the future will hire you because they like work you’ve done in the past, and this is a great opportunity to show off your work to potential clients.
3. Recruit professional studio musicians.
A producer’s job is to make the best possible music, which means trying to get the best possible musicians to play on the record. Getting amazing studio musicians to play on your projects makes creating a world class recording much easier. Find a few “dream” studio musicians and pitch them to your current clients. Remember, The better your final product sounds, the more people will hire you in the future.

4. Songwriting parties at your studio.
Invite a few of the best local musicians to your studio to write and record a song in one evening. Vote on song topic, key, and genre. Make a short video about the event and share it on online, tagging each of the songwriters in the post. If each musician shares the post as well, it will generate a lot of buzz for your studio.

5. Get a professional Mastering Engineer.
All of the top producers and engineers know that the better a projects sounds, the more people will hire them in the future. To get the best possible sound, they hire a professional mastering engineer instead of having the mix engineer master a record. Ask a few mastering engineers to master a free sample of one song and listen to the mastered samples with your client. Even if there’s no budget set aside for mastering, most artists will find a way to afford it after hearing their music professionally mastered.