Getting a Custom Mastering Price Quote

A Small Change For Chris Graham Mastering.

From now on, I’ll be doing mastering projects on a custom quote basis rather than using a “fixed price, fixed delivery schedule” model.

Enter your project details below and the site will walk you through getting a custom price quote.

Why am I making this change?

In 2017, my friend Brian Hood & I launched “The Six Figure Home Studio Podcast.” It’s a business podcast aimed at helping recording studio people grow their businesses.

Much to our surprise, the podcast went viral in the recording industry. Fast forward to 2019 and thousands and thousands of audio engineers, musicians, producers, and mix engineers listen every week, and as a result, the demand for my services has skyrocketed.

While my rates have gone up, having a custom quote based system allows me to keep my prices as low as possible by letting you choose your own upload and delivery date.

Here’s My New Custom Quote Form…

Hi, I'm Chris.

I master music for major labels, independents, hobbyists, and professionals. My passion is helping new artists break through, so I strive to keep my rates affordable to everyone. 

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