Getting A Mix Ready For Mastering

Getting your music ready for mastering isn’t terribly difficult, but it’s easy to mess up. Using effects like compression and EQ on the “master stereo output track” can really limit what a mastering engineer can do for your music. By making sure there is some headroom to work with, I’ll will be able add a sonic depth to your project that is nothing less than amazing.

The things you want to look out for when making your final bounce are as follows:

1. Make sure that none of your individual tracks are clipping.

2. Try to avoid putting any effects on the “master stereo output track.”

3. Make sure your “master stereo output track” isn’t clipping.

4. Bounce mixes down at the same resolution that you recorded in. (ie: If you recorded at a sampling rate of 48k and a bit depth of 24, make sure you bounce at 48k and 24 bit.)

5. Try make sure your master output doesn’t peak above -3 db when bouncing.)