Gapless Album Transitions

Sequence CD

  • Gapless! Communicating exactly how to build the transitions on gapless albums has created some delay and confusion on past mastering projects, so I've worked out a system to ensure that I create your master's exactly as you'd like them. Below, all you need to do is enter the exact starting time that you'd like for each audio file on your album.

    Track 1 will obviously start at 0:00:00.00. For Track 2, I'd need to know exactly how long after the start of 0:00:00.00 to place the very beginning of the audio file. From there, I'll place track markers in between in places that will give us the best likelihood of avoiding a "click" in between each track.

    Once I have this info, I'll be able to quickly reconstruct your album sequence in (or after) mastering.