Evaluating Your Mixes

The #1 most important thing is listening on at least a 5 different types of speakers BEFORE starting to think about mix revisions. Listening on different brands of headphones is a good idea too, but listening on speakers is more important. Be sure to listen at both high and low volumes, on speakers you’re very familiar with. Great mixes sound good everywhere, bad mixes only sound good in one set of speakers.

If you’re not very familiar with 5 different sets of speakers to check your mixes on, make a playlist of a few of your favorite songs from other artists, and spend some quality time listening to those songs on each set of speakers.

If you don’t have access to 5 sets speakers, the best possible thing you can do to improve your recordings is to go buy, borrow or steal some more speakers! (Just kidding! Don’t steal them! 😂 ) Used speakers are CHEAP and often sound better than new modern speakers. Checkout Craigslist or a Thrift store and you might find some amazing vintage speakers for super cheap.

Mix Revisions

If you hear anything you’d like changed in your mixes AFTER listening in a variety of speakers, just let us know and we’ll make those changes for you right away. Mix revisions are a normal, and very healthy part of every mixing project.

How Will Mastering Change The Final Mix?

Mastering will make the mix much louder and more “glued” together. While comparing this mix to songs from other artists, keep in mind that their mixes have been mastered, and this mix has not. It’s still important to love this mix though, as the better the mix sounds before mastering, the better it will sound after mastering.

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