Stream your studio output to another room.

When I first got into audio, I used to spend lots of time making test CD’s and then going out to my car to make sure everything sounded good “in the real world.” To do this back in the 60’s, legend has it that the engineers at Motown had a radio transmitter they used to transmit their mixes out to their cars and they’d hit play on the tape, and then run out to their car and tune in to their mixes.

When ever I feel the need to check something outside my studio, I use a system I developed that uses a program called “Airfoil” to stream my recording studio’s audio output to any number of Apple TV’s, iPads, computers, iPhones/ or Airport Express’ (a wireless router from Apple that has an 1/8″ audio out). I use a bunch of Airport Express’ that are hooked up to a variety of different speaker systems in other rooms. The coolest part is that I can use a remote desktop app on my iPhone or iPad to control my studio computer while I listen in other rooms. I can open other sessions, pause, rewind, and do anything really!

This technique is great for workflow because it’s quick, easy and effective, but even better for the priceless education it can give you on how your studio and monitors relate to the real world.