Online CD Mastering & Authoring Services – $100

Includes Sequencing, ISRC, & CD Text Encoding. All At Redbook Standards.

I can author your Master CD and send a copy of it to you online as a DDP 2.0 file. This is the gold standard for sending a master CD. A physical Master CD is subject to errors and physical damage in shipping, but DDP 2.0 files are error proof, and provide an added layer of security before having your CD manufactured.
I also include custom software that allows you to burn an exact copy of the master CD from your DDP 2.0 file on your Widows or Mac computer before having your CD manufactured. This allows a preview of the master CD’s song transitions, CD text, and ISRC & UPC coding. It’s one last chance to check the Master CD before having it manufactured to be sure that your CD will be exactly the way you want it.

If your CD manufacturing plant can’t accept industry standard¬†DDP 2.0 disc images, I’d highly recommend finding a different company to manufacture your CD.

DDP 2.0 CD Authoring & Custom DDP Software is $100.

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