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Working Togeather

Hi, I'm Chris.

I master music for independent artists, labels, and professional mix engineers and producers.

I enjoy working with people who are exploring and creating new genres of music.

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Music Mastering Services

I only take on a small number of clients each month, and prefer to focus on mastering albums rather than singles. My project minumum starts at $500, but can range into the thousands depending on the number of songs involved and the turn-around time.

Coaching Before & After Mastering

Better sounding mixes make better sounding masters. If you’d like free mixing advice before I master your project, enter your info above to get started with a free price quote. If you decide to hire me, we'll schedule a call to get to know each other and talk through your music goals and how you feel about your mixes. I'll coach you through you anything I hear that could be improved before mastering. 

I’ve had projects in the past with less than perfect mixes that ended up sounding amazing after mastering in large part because of the coaching sessions with every mastering project. There are plenty of more talented mastering engineers out there, but I've found that if I'm hands-on during the pre-mastering process, that the results I can achieve can't be matched by mastering alone.

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